Moms in Touch 媽媽成長班

Welcome to join a growing family with other moms. 歡迎你來享受媽媽們的共同成長.

We meet 10:30 am every Tuesday. 每個禮拜二10:30 AM 是我們聚會的時間.

Our class president is Pastor Esther Chang. 我們今年的班長是張師母.

Please register with the QR code above. 請你註冊所以我們可以更好的服務您, 點擊上邊的二維碼就可以註冊.

English Class 英文班

We welcome you to our English Classes offered in Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Our Director is Ms. Wendy Hwang

歡迎你來參加我們的英文班, 我們的主任是Wendy 老師. 你可以選擇週二, 週四, 或週五的課

Please register by clicking the QR code. 請用上面的二維碼註冊.

Chinese School 中文學校

Welcome to our Bread of Life Chinese School, a place to happily learn Chinese. 歡迎你來靈糧中文學校, 快樂學中文.

We meet 1:30–4:30 pm every Sunday. 我們每個週日1:30-4:30 pm 快樂的學中文.

Our current President is Ms. Angela Lin. 我們這個學年的校長是Ms. Angela Lin.

Please register by clicking the QR code. 請用上面的二維碼註冊.

Holiday Square 假日廣場

Welcome to the Holiday Square, a place to have helpful gatherings to ease the stress of blending into this new society. 歡迎來到假日廣場, 在這裡可以得到鼓勵與資訊幫助你融入這個可愛的社區.

We meet periodically in the weekend or holidays, mostly in our community center. 我們不定期的在周末或是假日聚會, 很多時候是在社區中心聚會.

Our current coordinator is Scott Tsai. 我們第一任的主任是Scott Tsai

Happy Hours 繽紛花絮